the Years GUI i a set of three GUI's that give information about the years C mod. It also constantly displays the month, day of the month, something else, and the name of the day at the top of the gui no matter what tab your in.


U is the default key to open the Years C GUI. it can be changed in options.

also, At the time of writing this, almost all Jin Ryuu mod GUI' are Accessible between one another by using the buttons under neath them.

ID cardEdit

Years C GUI ID card tab

This menu show your user name, the amount of in game days you've been alive. the value those days add up to in in game years, and what grow stage your at.


Years GUI Rebirth option

If your age stat gets high enough you can randomly die of old age and when that happens the rebirth button will appear in this tab. To use it you need a Emerald in your inventory or hot bar and then you press the button. the process will use up your emerald and reduce your age stat until your grow stage is on child


show all the months, the number of days in the months, and circles what day it is.

Years GUI Calander tab

The DaysEdit

groups the days up into months and shows every day that year, and the names of them all.

Years GUI The days Tab