This page contains commands that can be used with Years C

/jycage : this command has two uses. you can use it to set the day you've been alive to certain number. The form of this is /jycage # Player_name (E.G. /jycage 5 Josh will make josh 5 days old.) The other way it can be used iss to add years to your current age. The form of this is /jycage 5y Player_name (E.G. /jycage 5y Josh will make josh 5 years older... ish... more research needs to be done.)


This one sets the month, day, and year in game. you need to set all three but the order doesn't matter, because instead of the numbers position deciding what it is like with mincraft teleporting (first number, second number third number = X, Y, Z) you have to put a letter after the number to decide what value it will change.

The letters are D for day M for month and Y for year.

the for of thiss command is /Jycdate #L #L #L where # is a number and L is one of the three identifying letters.