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When a player collects all seven Dragon Balls, they can arrange them in an "H" shape and right click the middle ball to wish. If the Earth Dragon Balls are used, Shenron will be summoned. If the Namekian Dragon Balls are used, Porunga will be summoned, who triples wishes.

When wishing, the player has five choices.

Diamonds - 3 Diamonds from Shenron, 9 from Porunga.

Warenai Crystal - 5 Crystals from Shenron, 15 from Porunga.

Tier 1 Chip - 3 Chips from Shenron, 9 from Porunga.

Senzu Bean - 3 Beans from Shenron, 9 from Porunga.

Katchin Shard - 1 Shard from Shenron, 3 from Porunga.