Actually all races are able to transform, all transformations cost tp and are usable by pressing g to ascend and h to go back to normal and all forms can be boosted by kaioken.

Saiyan and Half-SaiyanEdit

Saiyans and their hybrids can take on the super saiyan forms

  • Super Saiyan: consumes 10 ki per second , multiplies all stats by 50 and costs 100 TP
  • Super Saiyan Grade 2: bigger and stronger than the normal one and costs 250 TP
  • Super Saiyan Grade 3: the biggest one, stronger than grade 2 but consumes more ki and costs 350
  • Super Saiyan Grade 4: Bigger and stronger then the normal one and cost 400 TP
  • Full Power Super Saiyan: same thing as the basic one, but consumes just 1 ki per second and costs
  • Super Saiyan 2: stronger than grade 2, consumes 20 ki per second and gives you lightning on your aura and costs 1000 TP
  • Super Saiyan 3: consumes 200 ki per second and costs 2,000 TP, also has lightning with aura
  • Super Saiyan 4: A maxed out tranformation skill will allow one to become a super saiyan 4 should they transform once more after becoming a golden ozaru (see below). After doing this once and not removing the player‘s tail this transformation becomes permanently accessible through the transformation menu without having to cycle through Oozaru.
  • Super Saiyan God: obtained with the God Form Skill (God Form skill Costs 50,000), God form skill is learned from King Kai
  • Super Saiyan Blue: it is necessary to have Potential Unlock lvl: 10, Meditation lvl: 10, Kaioken lvl: 10, Super Form lvl: 6 and Godform lvl:2
  • Super Saiyan Rose: Used to be the same as the Super Saiyan Blue only that alignment:Evil was necessary. Now requires the status effect "Divine" instead. Can be given to the players with "/jrmcse set Divine 1" and does not yet occur naturally.
  • Legendary Super Saiyan (status): Every set interval of time (by default 20-30 minutes), there is a configurable chance (10% by default) that a green icon will appear as a status effect, causing super saiyan transformations that are not of the god line to have enhanced multipliers and green auras. This effect goes away when you die and can be forced with /jrmcse set legendary 1. It also allows you to go to LSSJ 1,2,3,4.
  • Legendary Super Saiyan (transformation): In older versions of the mod, under the same circumstances as above, legendary was its own unique transformation which replaced the player's ability to transform into anything else and was bugged with kaioken.
  • Super Saiyan Blue Shinka: unlocked with Godform lvl:3 and Racial skill Super Form lvl:5
  • Super Saiyan Rose Shinka: the same as the Super Saiyan Blue Shinka only that alignment:Evil is necessary (Divine is also needed)

Saiyans and hybrids can take on the Oozaru forms with tails. Tails can be regrown in Kami's lookout.

  • Oozaru: On a night with a full moon (consider minecraft’s moon cycles) a saiyan who looks up directly into the sky will transform. Also possible to learn the ki technique "power ball" from vegeta and use it to transform.
  • Golden Oozaru: Using the racial skill key as a great ape will result in one transforming into one of these.
  • Legendary Oozaru: Turning Golden Oozaru with the Legendary status effect will cause to turn to legendary Oozaru


The Arcosians start in this form and their other forms are "reverse forms" that suppress their power and are used to store power points, necessary for using their "full power",to store the power points the user needs to be on one of the reverse forms and below 45% of release), their forms are also more expensive than the others), their forms costs 4 times any other transformation and just get their super form(equal to the ssj2) after the third upgrade. After a Certain Level of transformation (Level 6) is achieved the arcosian race gets their Ultimate form. also jin max shit is 21 mil


Namekians have a skill similar to Human potential called "Power Boost", they have the Giant Form as well much like a saiyan oozaru`.

Humans Edit

Humans have two forms, Buffed or Full. Each form affects stats in a different way and each level added to Superform increases their multipliers until the max multiplier is reached. The max multiplier is configurable in the jrmcore.cfg file in the configs folder.