The stats are a numerical representation of your skills in the mod. Their are 2 sets of Stats, the ones you can increase, and the ones that are a summary of your character's abilities. I assume their are many more points to you character that aren't show in the menu.

Indescribable stats: they are increasable with TP. the cost to increase one points worth goes up every once and a while. When you increase one, theirs a notable increase in one of the representative stats. Right now I'm just naming them and saying their description but in time I'd like to learn more about what it is they all do exactly.

Strength: Phyiscal Power:defines the power of your punches

Dexterity: physical Speed: affects running and flying speed.

Constitution: Physical limits, Regen & size: affects max body, the rate at wich your body recharges and your character size.

Will Power: spiritual control and power: increases Ki attack power, reduces Ki cost of transformations (and reduces casting time?)

Mind: spiritual limits: affects the amount of Ki you have.

Concentration: spiritual Regen: Affects the speed of which your ki recharges.

Effects on representative stats:

Representative Stats.


Your health is Increased by however many body points you have an denoted by the Extended health bar.



Ki Max

The maximum amount of Ki you have is however many max Ki points you have, Denoted by the Ki bar.

Ki Control

Ki Regen

Older version:

Your stats used to be defined by your minecraft xp level. my game glitched before I could get any data but every time you level went up so did your amount of Ki. wether that made any of your Ki or physical powers better I don't know.