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Note: Because of the new version, you still need to configure your jinryuujrmcore.cfg in your .minecraft/config folder, if you would First you got to Jin Ryuus website, then To either the Downloads section, or the dragon Block C section and from their go to the Dragon Block downloads section. On either download page you can pick the minecraft version you'd like to use near the top. Frote, so the order stays the same regardless.

The first link, is actually a link to another site. It links you to the download of the forge installer that version of the mod uses to run, and you can use it if you need to install forge.

The second link goes to the version of Jin ryuu mod core, that that version of the mod uses.

The third link goes to the version of Jin Ryuu Better Rendering Add on, that that version of the mod uses.

The fourth link goes to the version of Dragon Block C your trying to use.

You need to download all three Jin mods to run the mod (So options 2, 3, and 4). you only need the forge installer if you haven't installed a proper version of forge yet, Or want to run the EXACT version of forge that version of the mod used in development. (so option 1 is optional).


If you haven't installed Forge yet, do so, and run it once on mine craft. Then copy the three files, Jin ryuus mod core, Jin Ryuu better rendering add on, and Dragon Block C into the mods folder, in your mine craft folder (along with any other of Jinns mods you might want). That's it, your done it's installed. nice job.

Adjustable OptionsEdit

Wait before you start, it would be good to consider all the options you have for tweaking game play.

You can tweak game play by editing CFG files....

The dodge rate of UI can be changed from 80% to whatever you want, also the amount of health kaioken takes can be changed so you can ACTUALLY USE IT WITH A FORM! yayyyy!

Some one should really make some pa

How do you get training points?! Uhh... well you see... NOTE: Re-research how EXP/ TP work in this mod, find all pages referencing this and consolidate information.

While I currently don't have an exact method, Short answer is PUNCH STUFF!

For every time you punch something, while your ki is charged, your EXP goes up one, and for every 10 EXP you get one TP. At least that's how I remember it working.

Attacking entities with default mine craft tools, swords, or bows gets you nothing.

Attacking with Dragon Block C swords gets you either 0 EXP or intermittently 1 EXP.

and Attacking with Ki attacks gets you a random amount of EXP.

For this straight up, 1 for 1, method of getting EXP. a reasonable strategy is when you get to the point where you can one shot most Mine craft mobs, is to fight on lower then an optimal percent of your power. that way you hits are weaker, it takes more hits to beat the mob, you get more TP.

And you may be wondering why teaching you this stuff before even teaching you how to increasing the percent of powering your using. It's because the stuff above and below this are CERTAINLY good to know. But leveling up Quickly becomes your raison d'etre in this mod. You level up, to get more TP, to spend it on stats, Abilities, or Ki attacks. To get stronger, and advance in the mod. Remembering how this works and why your doing it can be immensely important in the mod so we bring it up early.

So remember to PUNCH EVERYTHING!


Yeah I gota update the controls page.... SIghhhhhh.

Getting Equipmed then color it to the color needed for the gi your trying to make. but a more effective strategy might be to make a sheep farm, and color the sheep with dye. That Edit

Dealing with the re spawn systemEdit

You have food, EXP, and PANTS! NOTd thus far. Even race related ones will be reset back to 0. You also lose a percent of your abilities. I personally don't remember if the percent is based of the number you... Put into it? Or the... number it is? (We should really re-do the stats page and make some finite lingo for this.) But the percent you get to keep is decided in the Dragon Block CFG. It can also be set to 100 o all you lose is abilities.

Interesting side note, if you set the amount of Skills you get to keep in the CFG to 0% it turns off the ability to reincarnate at all.


Reviving is a less complicated way of getting back to the Minecraft Overworld but it can be more time consuming. When you revive you go back to the Mine craft Over world, no strings attached. You don't lose skill points, you keep all your abilities, you dont even have to reinstate your character.

BUT you do have to wait a certain amount of time to revive. By default you have to wait 5 minutes to revive and the MINIMUM you can set it too is one minute. The maximum can go very high but all that information is in the Dragon block C CFG.

This system can also be turned off in the CFG, though I'm not sure what happens if you turn them both off....

Going to the Other world IN OF ITSELF can be turned off in the dragon Block CFG, but unless you die to go their when it's on and setup a teleporter like from the Mine stuck, Star gate, or custom NPC's mod you won't be able to get their. ... WELL actually maybe you could with a command block, is their a command to switch Dimensions?

Not being able to go their though presents a problem as you lose access to the other things in Other world. Which we can get to now.

While you can't get SENT to hell, you can just fall into it. The nether world, is the area under the clouds surrounding the check-in station, and filling the rest of Other world. if you fall in the are will be populated with special NPCS and their will be special ores and materials their.

The only way out of the nether world is to fly out, or if you don't have the fly skill, you have to look for a break in the clouds and build up to it, then build a bridge from their to either of the two places in Other world that actually function as ground, the Check in station or Snake way.

Also behind the Check-In Station is Snake way. Snake way, is described as a roughly million kilometer long road in the Dragon ball franchise, in the mod it usually runs around 3,000 blocks long. Its purpose is for players to travel on it to get to King kais domain.

King kais planet, is a group of blocks high above Snake way. the only way to get their is to either have the fly ability equipped, Or to fall into the nether world, and build your way up to Kin kais planet. Once their you can use the area like the hyperbolic time chamber, due to it's ince started on the absolutely horrible, broken english of the contributors. There are not enough entries and when you find an entry about what you are looking for, it's either very incomplete or lacking, gramatically nonsensical, or both.

The current state of this wiki is so sad that it's hilarious at the same time. Seriously, up your wiki game, contributors.