A space pod is an interplanetary vehicle in Dragon ball. In the game, it is an actual vehicle that hovers, moves up and down, and forward back and side to side. it also opens the Interplanetary Travel GUI.

Obtaining Edit

The most popular and famous way to get one is from the fight in the Saga System with Raditz. When the fight starts it summons a space pod hovering above the ground which Raditz exits. Upon defeating him it will still be there.

Crafting Edit

Space pod recepie

Warenai Crystal: 98

Tier 2 Chip: 1


W: Forward


D: turn the ship to the right but go nowhere

A: turn the ship to the left but go nowhere

Space: up.

Left CTRL: down

Scroll Click: Planet GUI

  • Select: Moves Arrow down or up
  • Off/ On: Turns Planet GUI off/on
  • Ok: Selects destination

Change Ki attack key (Usually mouse wheel click): access GUI

Older version:

It used to just open the interplanetary GUI and was not a vehicle.

Trivia Edit

  • You can use it in Third Person mode (F5)