Dragon Block C pozwala na szeroki zakres umiejętności. Większość z nich jest bardziej skuteczna.


If it is passive upgrading this skill will increase the regen rate for Body, Energy and Stamina (Survival Oriented). If it is active upgrading this skill will only work if the release key is pressed and basically functions as an energy recharge (Fighter/Console Oriented) And by default, it is passive. To change this open the config file

Jump Edit

The jump skill allows you to increase the height at which you jump. Each level will increase the jumpheight of the player.

Dash Edit

The Dash skill, like Potential Unlock and Flight is one of the major three skills a player will need. The speed boost is extremely useful in multiplayer fighting, and Singleplayer exploration. Each level increases the speed at which you will run.

Fly Edit

Fly is a passive skill that allows the player can fly

Endurance Edit

Endurance is a passive skill that allows the owner to reduce their incoming damage up to a maximum of 30% at level 10.

Potential Unlock Edit

Potential Unlock will allow the user to increase their power output from 50% to 100%. Each level will increase the output, and at level 10, the player will be able to reach 100% of their power. This skill is usually top priority on unlocking, due to it being a cheap way to double your stats.

Kaioken Edit

Kaioken is skill intended more for late game boosts to power. It will take away from a player's health to boost their power. You can stack it with any form like super saiyan, but it takes a lot of health unless you change how much it takes in the config file.

Ki Sense Edit

Ki Sense is a simple skill that allows a player to view mobs and other players health. At level 1 you can only see their ki and if their good/bad/neutral, at level 2 is when u can start seeing their hp, but not the number of hp or ki. At level 10 you will be able to see the exact amount of health and ki they have.

Ki Fist Edit

Ki Fist is a skill that will provide a boost to the amount of damage to you have. Usually, it's not needed under normal circumstances, but will give someone the edge in a Multiplayer fight.

God Form Edit

As the name would imply, this form will give you access to the God Form ability. This form is currently the strongest in the game.

Potential Unleashed Edit

Potential Unleashed is essentially Gohan's Mystic form. Depending on the race, it will allow you to either use the full power of your current SuperForm level or a slightly weaker multiplier than it. This form doesn't drain your ki whatsoever. As a trade off for it's ability, ki attacks use an insane amount of your ki.

Ultra Instinct Edit

Gives a 80% chance to dodge an attack and you can change the % in the config file.

Requirements: God form is required and for saiyans god form must be level 2 or above and you must be under 20% of your health and cannot have the statis effect pain and cannot be in potential unleashed form.