The story in this mod follows some of the saga's in the main story in dragon ball z and.


the information and usage of the system is displayed with a GUI accessed with the L key.


The saga system usually has three steps for each mission.



Sag system missino start

Their is a story describing what is happening in the mission. then a button to start the actual mission.


Saga system Missino in progress

more story followed by your actual objective and possibly a prerequisite.


usually to go to Blank location to start a mission. Some missions are just to find a prerequisite.


usually to Kill Blank number of enemies. Sometimes it summons a boss enemy or enemies for you to fight. Some times the objective is to find a prerequisite.


Saga system Comclusion

Some story, followed by asking you why you did what you did and adding, reducing, or not moving Karma based on you response.

Side missions:

Saga system sid missino

Optional quests for bonus training.


Saga system group enu

This allows for multiple players to complete the saga system together.

Older versions:

While the system is now controlled only with the saga system GUI it used to rely on items crafted from defeated enemies.

The GUI of the system was update for Version 10.