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Physical abilities are one half of your abilities in DBC. the other being ki attacks.

Physical abilities are usually regular things you can do with your body amplified by KI. they are:


Older version: couldn't do proper research before glitching.

Ki Jump:

Older version: not enough research was done before glitch.

Ki Dash:

Older version: not enough research was done before glitch.

Ki flight:

Older Version: not enough research was done before glitch.


Older version: not enough research done before glitching to tell what it was, However it was activated by pressing G the desired amount of times for proper effect. "Proper effect" meaning their were different levels of kaioken. I can't remember them all but they where kaioken, and then kaioken multiplied by a certain number. I think 2, 4, 10, and 20. and at any point it could be turned off with H. It drained KI.


After DFG testing (basicallt it means I could be wrong or this could do more then I found out) Endurance increas defnse, but only from DBC enemies.

the experiment showed that when attacked by a dino who usuallt does 11 DAM buying 1 levle of endurnace reduces it to 10 DAM and it turned to 9 DAM aroun 8 and toped out their.

Ki Float:

Older version: not enoguh reseach done before glitch.


In older version these powers were given to you at the beginning of play.

In newer versions kaioken was removed, probably because it worked almost exactly like transformation powers in the current version. It is assumed that it is is trying to be added back into the mod but nothing definite.