Otherworld is the dimension in Dragon Block C you are sent to when you die. The Otherworld contains the NPCs of King Yemma, and King Kai, as well as ogres in the Hell area below Snake Way.

King Yemma Edit

Upon entering the Otherworld, you are spawned into the Safe Zone of King Yemma. Interacting with him gives several options:

Reincarnation Edit

Retain all tp, but stats and character are reset (Except appearance).

Revive Edit

Re-spawn normally by either waiting, or using Dragon Balls.

Snake Way Edit

After King Yemma's station is Snake Way. It is around 3000 blocks long, and is the road to King Kai's planet. Falling off of Snake Way will drop the player into Hell, like in the anime.

King Kai Edit

King Kai's planet lies at the end of Snake Way, and requires the Flying skill to access. The planet has x10 Gravity (similar to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber), and King Kai's NPC.