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Ninja armor, or outfits, are sets of armor that can be worn by the character. Their defensive value puts them slightly above Lether armor, but slightly under chain mail armor in terms of defense. While their are multiple sets of armor, not all sets have every piece, head, chest, pants, and feet, Such as Kakshis set, consisting only of his mask.

Defensive RatingEdit

all the armor pieces have the same defensive ratings:

Head: 0.5 shields

Chest: 1.5 shields

pants: 1 shield

feet: 1 shield


Almost all the Ninja outfits are made by applying dye to one particular set of the ninja armor, Much like Battle armor.

Kohana Ninja Set

After that placing dye around these armor pieces makes most of the other armor sets. The sets that aren't made this way are made two other ways.

1:A set made Dying the Kohana Ninja Set is dyed using the same dyes used to make it(If anyone can write that in a less confusing manner PLEAS DO!!!). The anime naruto Goes through a three year time skip, and this method is used for turning the armor sets from the before three year time skip version to the after. Or put more simply, it turns the Naruto outfits into the Naruto Shippuden outfits.

2:Some armor sets do not have a recipe yet at all, and can only be obtained via creative mode.


(Note: Not all sets have every armor type: head, chest, pants, and feet.)

Naruto armor set
Naruto Shippuden armor set
Hinata armor set
Hinata Shippuden armor set
Kiba armor set
Kiba shippuden armor set
Neji armor set
Neji Shippuden armor set
Rock Lee armor set
Rock Lee Shippuden armor set
Sakura armor set
Sakura Shippuden armor set
Sasuke armor set
Sasuke Shippuden armor set
Shino armor set
Shino Shippuden armor set
Ten Ten armor set
Ten Ten Shippuden armor set
Choji armor set(no current crafting recpie)
Choji Shippuden armor set(no current crafting recpie)
Ino armor set(no current crafting recpie)
Ino Shippuden armor set(no current crafting recpie)
Shika armor set(no current crafting recpie)