Namekians are a group of NPCs from the Dragon Block C mod. They can be found on planet Namek, and in Namekian villages. Their are two kinds: Warriors(or just random people up to discussion) and Elders(some say children also open to discussion)

Ties to the animeEdit

Kinds of namekiansEdit


2016-03-31 03.34.22

Namekian Elder(child) in village building.

Elders are the leaders of the villagers, In smaller villages, there is usually only one elder. They will run and will not fight back if they are attacked by a player. However, the warriors of the village will attack that player. You don't gain negative Karma for killing elders.




2016-03-31 03.34.45

Namekian Warrior(villager) in a Namekian village.

Warriors are the protectors of the Namekian villages. They usually outnumber the elders in a village. If they are attacked by a player, they and every other warrior nearby, will attack that player. You do lose Karma for killing Wariors.


HP: 100

Namekian Attacking PatternsEdit

Namekians will attack as a group if you attack them, like zombie pigmen. While the Elders won't fight back directly, all the Wariors will start attacking, if you hit one. This only seems to last as far as one village though, as the Namkians in the next village may still be friendly.

Warriors attack with punches and Ki balls.