Namek is Another World (dimension) you can get to using the space pod's, interplanetary travel GUI


Namekian landscape

Stereotypically Namekian landscape

It replaces dirt with, namekian grass Blocks, and light dirt Blocks on top of stereotypical mine craft environment of stone and mines.

The waters texture is also tinted greener

They also have their own trees, Ajisa Trees. they can be turned into 2 oak wood planks.


Namekian VillagesEdit

Namekian Villages can be found on Namek. This is were you can find Namekians. The villages consist of the villagers and a few Namekian houses.(Though after 1.7.10, the villages could be much smaller now, a village size of one house and four Namekians)

Freezas ShipEdit

Also on Namek is Freezas ship. In it can be found Freeza and a healing pod.





Dragon ballsEdit

the only other point of interest on Namek is the Namekian dragon balls. They spawn randomly around the planet, though they can be found easier with a dragon radar.

Older versionEdit

Used to have mooshrooms. or is this a glitch?