NOte: This page was being researched while the Ki system was over hauled to V3. The research wasn't finished before that point and it is unlikely that it will be finished unless someone else takes interest..... oops.

Ki attacks are the other half of the attacks you get in DBC and their effectiveness and use is decided by a number of variables.


Their are three types of Ki attacks, Waves, Balls, and discs.


They each have subtle differences that are hard to notice at first.

Waves Edit

The wave attack fires 5 times, doing 5X the damage and costing 5X the Ki. It also constantly radiates from the player, and while it can be charged while moving, you have to stand still to shoot it. it costs the least per use of all three attacks but Also the most since it does fires five times.


The ball is the most mundane of all the moves. In that it IS a laser ball you can fire from your hand, but it doesn't seem to have any surprises. It works as advertised.


The disk (I assume) has a greater ability at deflecting Other Ki attacks if it collides with them. it costs the most out of all three of the moves, though technically the second most with the waves repeat effect.

KI damage:( the chance of hurtingin your self with you own Ki move.

OK so this isn't technically a dfg experminet but hey I'm lazy.

You take damge from usigng ki moves if you Ki is less then the cost of the move you used. this is possible in a few ways, strange they may be but only becuse their are locks to try to eep youform doing this.

1: (and most common) you used a KI wave move equall to all your ki, but forget it fires 5 times so in reality it's equal to 5X your normal ki.

2: you charge your attack when you have enough ki to use it, then run around and use up mobility. when your ki drops bellow the amount it takes to fire the blast, it will fire immediately at that point, taking whatever ki you have and health from what ki you didnt have.

(Note take this research with a grian of salt all I did was one experiment. I used a ball attack were all its variables where set to the lowest except speed witch was at the highest making it cost 12 ki. at that point I charge it some where in the red and jumped around to drain my ki. When my ki fell beloe 12 the ball fired on its own and took ki and health in exchange.)

UN researched Ki technic variables:

wwhat all the other ki optinos effect on each other:

I think I did this one and the anwser is! they don't.

Actualy movment er second in realtion t speed stat:


inheritant diferenaces between each i blast:


If theirs any wy to get more or less shots form a wav attack:

should do that on I guess.

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