NOTE: this page describes i attacks in their first iterations, When they where craft able items in the mod. For ki attacs in their current version See, Ki Attacks.

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Ki attacks are the other half of the attacks you get in DBC.


In this version, ki attacks don't have much to do with you characters progress (Which in this version was tied to your mine craft EXP). They where crafted of Ki dropped by DBC enemies and made at a work bench. you needed only craft them once to use over and over but they cost Ki for each use. Also instead of the charging Gui and their own release, they worked more like a bow and arrow. the priming didn't seems to diminish effectiveness only range. They were also all based off of moves from the show. If they hit an enemy no explosion would happen, so the surronding area wouldn't take damage. If they DID hit they ground they would tend to leave a hole.


Damage is show in hearts.


shoots a ball, causes explosion. KI cost: 13

DAM: 16.25
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Galic GunEdit

shots a ball, causes explosion. Ki cost: 14

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Super novaEdit

shoots very large ball, causes explosion. Ki cost: 200

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Final flashEdit

shoots ball. causes explosion. Ki cost: 30

DAM: 29.25
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Kamehammeha times 10Edit

Shoots ball. causes explosion. Ki cost:100

DAM: 40.625
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ki blastEdit

shoots ball. does not cause explosion. ki cost: 2 DAM: 3.25


energy diskEdit

fires disk. does not cause explosion. Ki cost: 10 DAM: 13

AKA: Distructo Disk, Kienzan.
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dondon rayEdit

Fires small cylinder. does not cause explosion. Kis cots: 5

DAM: 6.5
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Genki damaEdit

Shoots ball, causes explosion Ki cost:150 DAM: 81.25

AKA: Spirit Bomb.
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death beamEdit

fires ball does not cause explosion ki cost: 13

DAM: 17.875
15978 PVZpC

Big bangEdit

Fires ball causes explosion. Ki cost: 20

DAM: 24.375
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shoots small cylinder. does not cause explosion. Ki cost: 6

DAM: 8.125
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Special beam cannonEdit

shoots a ball. causes explosion. Ki cost: 20 DAM: 24.375

AKA: Makankōsappō, Masenkosappo, Makakapottomus.
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Kamehameha waveEdit

shoots ball. does cause explosion. Ki cost: 12

DAM: 16.25
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The older version Ki attacks based of attacks from the show were removed, Probably in lew of the V2 Ki system.

They where brought back in V3 of the Ki system.

Their was talk about the re installation, here