The karma system weighs actions in the story and certain actions in the game to see if you good, bad, or neutral. This has certain effects, from aura shade, to which NPCs are willing to help you.

Effects on KarmaEdit

Karma Affecting Story ActionsEdit

After almost every story or side mission, the story will ask you why you fight. For yourself, for others, or for the sake of evil.

Fighting for Sake of Evil: You receive negative Karma.

Fighting for Yourself: You receive neutral Karma.

Fighting to protect others: You receive Positive Karma.

Karma Affecting Free Roam actionsEdit

(Is free roam a good phrase?)

Free Roam actions refer to things you can just do at any point in the mod, regardless of EXP or the story. Currently the only free roam action in the mod is killing Namekian warriors, which gets you negative Karma.

Killing Namekian Warriors: Gets you negative Karma.

Effects of KarmaEdit

Getting training from NPCsEdit

Having a certain level of Karma one way or another will either entice, or dissuade certain NPC's from helping you, either stopping them from giving you items or stopping them from teaching you.

Karma Effects On Your AuraEdit

Your Karma decides the color of your Aura. Your aura is the effect that displays when you power up or try to transform. it also decides the color of Ki blasts that color you set to.

Negative Karma makes your Aura and Ki Blasts red

Neutral Karma makes your Aura and Ki Blasts violet/purple

Positive Karma makes your Aura and Ki Blasts blue