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A Dragon Block from Earth next to a Namek Dragon Block.

Dragon Blocks are sparsely-found items based on the Dragon Balls, used to summon Shenron or Porunga.

Dragon Blocks Edit

Dragon Blocks are based on the Dragon Balls used to call upon Shenron (Dragon Balls) or Porunga (Namekian Dragon Balls). In-game, they have the ability to call upon the dragons in a similar fashion and then grant 1 or 3 out of 10 wishes, from Shenron or Porunga respectively.

They could be used once a year (4 months on Namek), and after they were used, each one would shoot up in the air and fly in every direction; at some point during this process, they turn to stone for the year. In this state, they're not meant to be found, and they can't be used.

Finding the Dragon Blocks Edit

Dragon blocks have a chance of appearing (changeable in the config) within 64 blocks of the player every day. They can be broken by hand relatively fast. They glow slightly when in a normal state and can be found using the Dragon Radar. Stone Dragon Blocks are the same shape, but they'll be white and not glow, as well as remain unusable until a year has passed.

Calling the Dragon Edit

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Visual representation of the proper Dragon Blocks formation.

The player must place them in an H formation, with three in two vertical lines and one between them. Then, the player has to right-click the middle Dragon Block, summoning the appropriate dragon whilst the Dragon Blocks immediately vanish.

Wishes Edit

To receive wishes the player must right click Shenron / Porunga when they appear. The following are the wishes available to the player:

  1. 3 Diamonds
  2. 3 Tech Chips Tier 1
  3. 5 Warenai Crystals
  4. 3 Senzu Beans
  5. 1 Katchin Shard
  6. Revive a player
  7. Revive [a player] and bring here
  8. Revive all Neutral players
  9. Change Aura Color
  10. Reset Arcosian Ultimate Colors
  11. 5 Janemba Essence
  12. Small Club
  13. Power Pole

There's a difference between Shenron and Porunga. In the show, Porunga is more powerful than Shenron. He could grant three specific wishes, where Shenron would grant one very broad one. This is shown in the game, where Porunga will allow you any three wishes, whilst Shenron will grant only one wish.

Trivia Edit

  • In older versions of the game, you'd have to put the Dragon Blocks in a crafting table and use them to craft your wish. Recipes for that are here.

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