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The character creation screen is initialized by pressing the V button (by default).

First, the character creation screen allows you to choose between the races of Human, Saiyan, Half-Saiyan, Namekian, and Arcosian. After picking a race, different hairstyles, default skins, and hair colors are available depending on the race.

Character Creation

After picking the race, hair, hair color, and skin style, you are presented with another menu. YOU MUST choose Ki as a power type in order to use those features of this mod. There are three classes available to ki users which effect attributes as you go. For information on what physical and energy attributes are visit this page:

Martial Artists who are balanced between the physical attributes and the energy attributes.

Warriors who gain extra points in physical attributes and less in energy attributes.

Spiritualists who gain extra points in energy attributes and less in physical attributes.

Character Creation 6
Character Creation 7