Much more research need be done on this subject however the following is very clear.

DBC's effect on armors defensive stats.

DBC doesn't change minecrafts armor stats PER_say. The way armor works in minecraft is:

"every half shield of resistance yout armor has has a percent of damage reduction."

4% each to be exact so if you armor has 12.5 shields (witch requires mods) you are invincible. DBC is different only in that the armor from the mod works the exact SAME as in vanilla minecraft, but any attacks from DBC (so far only tested with dino attacks) change the mechanics of armor to.

"Every half shield of armor resistance is worth a degree of protection and that degree caps at 9 shields"

so not only is it less effective than normal armor (I only gt 3 points reduced from attacks) it stops adding protection at 9 shields, so even if you have 10 shields of protection for EVERY piece of armor that game will still treat it like you have only 9 (Well for DBC attacks anyway)

Also I remember that the armor protection jumped. like .5_ 2.5 shields did X protection. I can't remember the specifics because I cant find my notes but their where like three jumps...

OK now that I redo the experiment, testing with a dino that does 11 DAM it takes 2.5 ARMotm to get it down to 10, 4.5 ARM to reduce it to 9 DAM 6.5 ARM to make it 8 DAM, 8.5 ARM to make it 7 DAM, 10.5 ARM reduces iit to 6 DAM I think with conjunction of dbz and vanilla armors 11.5 is as high as you can get with armor. I assume every time you have 2.5 armor up you get 1 more point of defense (or some amount of percent I dunno) but hen I tried to test using armor from another mod, Godzilla mod were every piece of armor is worth 10 shields, the damage was reduced to 5 so that may be the cap. then again it was 5 at 10 where it should have been 7 so the Godzilla armor might have special properties.

It stacks with endurance.

Sorry for the inconsistency Im doing this from memory, also maybe this and the EHB page should be merged into a page called stats or something