Note: needs formatin pics and an update. and to figure out whitch mod sepcifically this coem from, I wana say Jin ryuu mod core. also does cretive only need to be a catagory? maybe change for recipe not implemnted?

Their are certain blocks in this game used to create structures in the game. such as Korin's tower and kamis lookout. Their seems to be no one to craft them and they must either be given by commands or creative menus ways. they can't be broken unless in creative THOUGH this could be wrong, since they could just be programed for those specific structures to not be broken, Like how the blocks that make up the base of Kotin's look out are programed to be climbed but these blocks are not claimable by default. Other then basic wall stone, non of them can have torches or red stone place on them (well the ones that are on kamis lookout cant and the ones II put on kamis lookout cant either)

DBC Building Blocks

also cloud
Block yellow cloud
Some attributes
First Unknown
Second Unknown
Third Unknown
Other attributes

Hyberbolic time chamber door and floor exlpoive reistant.

Hyperbolic door and cloud dont have coliions. bcosk that can be mined can be harveted by oo pickaxe but not by haand. hyper foor take a long time.

Clous an basic stone all are not.

Hyberbolic time chamber floor.

Basic wall stone.

white colored stone.

orange colored stone.

magenta colored stone.

lightblue colored stone.

yellow colored stone.

lime colored stone.

pink colored stone.

grey colored stone.

silver colored stone.

cyan colored stone.

purple colored stone.

blue colored stone.

brown colored stone.

green colored stone.

red colored stone.

black colored stone.

Grey Colored stone slab

unbreakable white fence

unbreakable white stairs